A space of creative-nurturing and success

BIMS’s campus is a vibrant creative working space, conveniently located in the heart of Nairobi’s Central Business District.

Our extensive resources include:

  • Animation labs equipped with iMacs and software including Autodesk Maya and Dreamweaver
  • Graphic design labs including Wacoms and Adobe Suite
  • Large lecture halls
  • Sound studios
  • Control room with professional software, including Protools and Logic and C24 mixing surface
  • Post-production labs equipped with iMacs and software including Final Cut, Adobe Premiere and Avid Composer

This state-of-the-art campus also incorporates high-speed internet and top-notch security.

The Space

The BIMS campus at Aqua Office Suites has ample space.

The facilities include classrooms, sound production studios, Mac and PC labs, a tv studio, a film equipment warehouse, an auditorium and a fully stocked library.


We pride ourselves on being one of the few regional film schools that teach in HD, digital film formats.

During your first year, students hone their skills using small HD camcorders, before progressing to high-end HD formats and cinema range of cameras from popular manufacturers like Sony, Cano n, Panasonic & Blackmagic

We also have live sound equipment including Allen & Heath mixers, wired and wireless microphones DBX compressors, crossovers and equalizers. We also have

We also have a full range of DSLR camera both from canon and Nikon. The choice is yours! In the inventory, we have popular cameras like the full frame Canon 5D Mark 3, Nikon D810, Nikon D7100, Canon 60D and many others. We have full lighting kits like the Godox AD 360 and Yongnuo 560 for your photography classes.

Our labs are fully equipped with both Mac and Pc computers and installed with industry-standard software, including Final Cut, Protools, Davinci Adobe Premier, Autodesk suite, Avid Composer and many others.

Our campus has industry-standard audio and TV studios. The TV studio has a tracking floor with lighting grid, while the music studio has a vocal booth that doubles up as rehearsal space that can accommodate a full band. The control room is equipped with professional software, including ProTools and Logic, as well as a C24 mixing surface. All our studios are acoustically treated for sound recording.

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