About Us

Who We are

BIMS is a leading creative media and technology training institution, offering practical courses in Film & TV Production, Mass Communication, Music Production, Sound Engineering, Animation & Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Photography and Multimedia.

Our programmes combine high-spec technical training in creative media and technology with intensive digital and soft-skills coaching, along with a rigorous apprenticeship process, to achieve a 100% placement rate.

Collectively, BIMS and its Hub and Studios form an innovative learn-and-work social enterprise whereby young creatives get the training, mentorship and resources they need to turn their Creative to Success.


To equip Africa’s digital generation with skills for a global takeover in entertainment and media innovation .


To be the leading HUB in creative media and technology.


We believe the convergence of media, technology and business as a result of the digital revolution, offers African youth an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to the global economy, through,  production and distribution of high-quality content in a way they could not years ago.

BIMS is committed to equipping Africa’s digital generation to enterprise this historic opening.


Through partnerships with industry leaders, we are constantly expanding our credentials in new media, including boot camps in Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and Data Science.

We benefit from established partnerships with a number of companies and overseas educational institutions:

  • Google has been a supportive partner, providing curriculum support and helping with course design, faculty selection and participant mobilisation for some of our market-leading short courses.
  • BIMS’s Film & TV programme has an Articulation Agreement with Lynda.com, the foremost creative media and technology institute in the United States. This agreement provides Film & TV Production students with first hand interaction with world's most sought film & TV Producers.
  • Additionally, we are a member of the Adobe Creative Cloud and academic collaborations are ongoing.

With more exciting local and international partnerships in the pipeline, BIMS opens doors across the world to its students.

Our Team

Chief Programmer

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